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Imagine Africa Game Drives

Greater Kruger National Park

Imagine Africa Game Drives

Greater Kruger National Park

Imagine. A veteran male leopard catching a late afternoon snooze on a nearby termite mound. Complimented by skirting hyena and an eerie ambience, one cannot but feel slightly small. A few vocalizations reverberate throughout our souls, sending chills down our spines. The leopard feels an instinctual urge to let all know that it is here. Imagine Africa.

Undulating rivers and scenic watering holes host an eclectic array of Big 5 and other keystone species, such as pods of hippo and crocodile. Frequenting elephants often provide an intimate viewing experience.

Along with over 30 mammal species, from towers of giraffe to dazzles of zebra, iconic predators such as cheetah and wild dog also occur and are often a treat for the prospective safari-goer.

The safari falls within a sub-tropical Lowveld eco-zone, which boasts an impressive biodiversity in both fauna and flora. With over 336 documented tree species in the region, ranging from ancient Baobabs to the iconic Marula, the dominant woody savannah is accentuated with plenty to see and accommodates an impressive diversity of bird life.

For the avid birder there are over 220 documented species to be found. Various raptors, such as the endangered Lappet-Faced Vulture, Pel’s Fishing Owl, and Martial Eagle, can be observed. This extends to larger birds, such as the Southern Ground Hornbill, Kori Bustard, and Saddle-Billed Stork, amongst a plethora of other species.

A large BIG 5 traverse allows for scenic game drive / safaris and ample opportunity for excitement around every corner.

At Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp, we realize that the safari is the essence of the experience. To this end no expense is spared to provide the most authentic and memorable of safaris imaginable.

There are few things as memorable as a scenic pit stop in the African wilderness. At Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp, every variable ensuring the perfect experience is accounted for. From ice-cold local and craft beers, to a pleasant gin and tonic with reinvigorating lemon slices, no effort is too small to ensure the perfect sunset. This extends also to the daily morning safari, where few things equate to a freshly brewed pot of coffee whilst watching the African sunrise.

An intimate experience awaits, with the most professional and thoughtful of Safari guides and trackers. At Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp, we know that nothing but the best will do, and we strive to provide an experience unimaginable.

Game drives occur twice daily, and times are subject to seasonal change.




  • Wake-Up Call and coffee – 05h00
  • Morning Game Drive departs 05h30 and returns 08h30***


  • Afternoon Game Drive departs 16h30 and returns 19h30 for dinner***



  • Wake-Up Call and coffee – 05h30
  • Morning Game Drive departs 06h00 and returns 09h00 for breakfast***


  • Afternoon Game Drive departs 16h00 and returns 19h00***

*** Times may be subject to weather conditions, sightings and guest preference.

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